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SCISHION V88 RK3229 Android TV Box,RAM 1GB ROM 8GB Quad Core WiFi 802.11n

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Reading the client testimonials of SCISHION V88 RK3229 Android TV Box,RAM 1GB ROM 8GB Quad Core WiFi 802.11n before get. It'll give a much fuller understanding to you of the professionals and cons of it.
Lingue:Russo,Spagnolo,Tedesco,Multi lingua,Francese,Svedese,Inglese,Romeno,Norvegese,Cinese,Olandese,Italiano,Portoghese; Risoluzione supportata per la proiezione:4K; CPU:RK3229; Frequenza CPU (GHz):1.5; GPU:Mali 400; Core CPU:Quad Core; RAM:1GB; ROM:8GB; Sistema di...
Accessori Elettronici,Accessori Audio & Video,Box tv

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Tags: rk 3188 tablets, rk 520, rk android, rk 702, rk 3066 tablet, midora Available in Dorchester, Holyoke, New Orleans, Columbus, Oklahoma City.

SCISHION V88 RK3229 Android TV Box,RAM 1GB ROM 8GB Quad Core WiFi 802.11n

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